If there are two things we all love, it's eating and having sex - and if you can combine the two, well even better. Incorporating sexy foody fun whilst kissing and licking and occasionally feeding each other makes for great foreplay. A couple of tips for you:- Use bite sized finger foods, and go for food that offers a refreshing, tingling feel; so chicken nuggets are a no-no, but oysters or cherries will work just fine. Oh, and have some baby wipes at hand in order to clean things up. The last thing you want is to literally be stuck together!

Recommended food for your sexual sploshing foodie feast:-

Fruit Cherries, strawberries, grapes, papaya and pineapple are the top fruits for sexy fun. All the fruit should be washed beforehand, and preferably cut and lightly sweetened with sugar to suit your taste buds.

Whipped Cream The cliché of all sexual foods, whipped cream can be so much fun. Use either the scream in a can stuff or the real dairy whipped cream - both will work. Drip some into her mouth and watch her lick it all up. Or place some on her nipples and lick it all off - slowly.

ChocolatePlacing a chunk of chocolate in your mouth and gliding it down her warm body will definitely make the night sweeter and more interesting. Or melt a large slab or two into a pot, add milk to make it more runny, wait for it to cool down and then smother her in it! At first you will encounter some resistance, but once she gets used to the feel of it, she will be demanding more - and more. Truly, truly memorable.

Oysters These slippery molluscs are an acquired taste and can feel strange on the body, but there is a reason they are possibly the best known of all aphrodisiacs. Oysters provides a zinc boost, which ultimately leads to longer, stronger sex.

Syrups This slippery fluid - think banana syrup, or the readily available chocolate syrup can make for some wet and messy fun. The sheets might end up being ruined, but chances are that you will both be licking areas of each other you've never ventured onto (or into) before.

Ice Ice Baby The iced form of H2O will make her nipples stand to attention very quickly. Ice can also be used to arouse her elsewhere - glide it down her back, around her navel, between her thighs, and tap it lightly and gently onto her clitoris. Be brave and let her put an ice cube in her mouth and show your erect penis what it feels like to experience hot and cold at the same time.

Alcohol Slowly pour red, white or rosé wine, or even better Champagne onto her belly button, gently spread it around while teasing her and teasing her and then lick it off. Then do it again! Alternatively, shot glasses of your favourite short followed by enthusiastic licking can lead to enthusiastic body rolls.

Whatever you choose, remember this is all to get you both in the mood. If you get it right, you will have fun, and you will end up having terrific sex. Enjoy!