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What on earth is sploshing? Well, first and foremost it's a fun way of sploshing about with all kinds of slippery stuff - now some would call it kinky, but we call it enjoying messy fun with food.

According to the folks at Wikipedia (and who are we to argue) the definition of "splosh" is that it is the most popular form of something known as Wet and Messy (WAM), a form of sexual fetishism whereby a person becomes aroused when messy substances are deliberately and generously applied to the naked skin.

These messy substances can include whipped cream, chocolate sauce (yum yum), squirty foam, custard, baked beans, ice cream, pudding, all sorts of body lotion, slippery creamy substances, chocolate syrup (more yum yum) and the like.

Sploshers, for that is what they are called, enjoy the feel of liquids on their bodies. Think slippery body lotion, milk (full fat or skimmed - either works) and also alcohol. Wine works particularly well on a female body, slithering down into a woman's willing crevices, begging to be licked off.

It's not really about booze though. Sexy food fun is where sploshing becomes even more fun. Eating strawberries and cream off someone's body can be incredibly erotic, and often leads to a memorable session of amazing orgasmic passion.

So, inject something fresh and fun into your love life by hooking up with someone adventurous and interested in exploring all that sploshing has to offer. A love of chocolate, cream and booze helps, but is not essential! Hey, you only have one life, and this is a wet and messy site set up to help people find others interested in exploring their sexuality with someone new, whether on a casual or more long term basis.

No site about sploshing would be complete without mentioning the czar of splosh - Bill Shipton - who at one stage published a magazine called Splosh. Bill would think nothing of smothering various models in gunge or slime, often in very lurid colours. This was before the days of the World Wide Web, and things have moved on since the magazine days - with Sploshers evolving into food loving rather than slime loving.
This brings us to the present day and Splosh Dating - the place where people can meet and explore one another's bodies through the touch and feel of food.

What is sploshing

  • It's suitable for all ages!
  • Sploshing is Fun
  • It's truly memorable
  • Wet and Messy pleasure
  • Sploshing is Sexy
  • It's very playful
  • Have fun with food
  • Stimulate your senses
  • Meet other adventurous people

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Sploshing is real fun - and if you would like to explore someone else's body and have fun doing it, simply sign up for free and we will put you in touch with like minded people. Imagine telling your jealous mates where you met your latest tasty girlfriend - at this Sploshing Internet Dating site. Sign up for free and you will never look at another bar of chocolate in the same way again.

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